What is Montessori?

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What is individualized learning and how do you apply it?

We treat each child as a unique individual, and recognize that each one of them learn on their own, hence, we guide their learning according to their special styles and pace. Classes and lessons are prepared in a way that allows the child to discover his-self and be an independent learner.

What is the required homework and is it compulsory?

It is not important as per Montessori to burden the child with homework, but more importantly he should learn how to perform his exercises with love and enthusiasm within the school. However, responding to parents request we do send some simple exercises every Thursday. Please remember that the study time at home should not exceed 20 minutes a day so that you won't have an inverse reaction from the child, let him do the homework himself, and in case of error you should not abuse but indicate the correct way to learn.

How are conflicts and discipline handled?

We believe in positive time-out method which allows the child to learn to calm his-self and emotions, and choose to behave in a better way.

What ages do you accept?

From three to six years old.

How many child is there in each class?

Maximum of 15 child.

How many teachers in each classroom?

Two teachers and a nanny.

What is the main used language?

As a bilingual preschool we use both Arabic and English equally, and all lessons are taught using these two languages.

What are the tuition fees?

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What your system of terms and holidays?

There are two terms, the first starts from the second week of September till mid of JAnuary, the second from February till the end of June.

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