Enas Alrowaie

Thank you from the heart ❤❤ba employees kindergarten sunrise ..besrahh daughter benefited Aaaaad from kindergarten and love and Aaaad degree every day of what took her in Thud received them and deposit them in the hope or the meeting in the second day this thing shows the extreme hang Bmwalimadtha and her love for them psychological comfort in percentage reflects the good being treated and Hanan feelings 🤗🤗lahzt on the daughter of her love for learning and self-reliance and confidence in their spirit and have evolved a lot and remarkably I wish all my heart time to reconcile and improve to your good self and kindergarten sunrise and, God willing, Lord of good to better and special thanks to the director of the kindergarten Noura Abannkhalil on her capacity treated A very upscale


Fatima Alhasan

School management is a distinct ... look conscious of the needs of the child's mental, psychological and dynamical ... my experience with this seedbed very successful ... make the child a distinct .. When going to move to the stage fede ... My daughter is now in another school and still longed to Sunrise .. Oyama passed by Sabahat tell me Mama Take me to the sunrise .. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a fertile environment of his son's mind and happy at the same place to put his child in the Sunrise School ... Special thanks to all members of Deep down seedbed


Layla Ghaith

This second experience with kindergarten gotta eldest of three sons was among the first group since the beginning of work in kindergarten and now I have two children in the first level Kindergarten unique from the other three things in conjunction with a Education system outstanding (Almenteora) as well as bilingual with interest and maintain the Islamic and national identity It is also distinctive things monthly report on the child and summarizes the skills, knowledge and behaviors acquired in the child and the extent of its development The activities and excursions distinct and unique classroom And is available in a safe environment and adequate facilities for children with Their Personal Care Administrative and educational crew also features a collaboration and good Treatment and easily contact them



I've noticed the evolution in the character of my daughter since he entered Sunrise School, where increased self-confidence and become more daring and express their views freely and fluently and loves participating in the events ... As for the educational aspect school offers learning Almunzora a way that employs a lot of tools and teaching aids that facilitate the learning process. administrative staff and educational features good treatment ... and have us very much

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