Al Shorooq Preschool applies Montessori curriculum, which provides an opportunity for children to lifelong learning, and expands their skills that will help them improve their societies.


During the one century that has passed since the launch of this approach, we can find many famous Montessori graduates: Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon international website), Princes William and Harry (British royalty), Julia Child (first television cook), Peter Drucker (founder of the modern management science), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google), and many others.


In the case of Google’s co-founders Page and Brin, it was the unconventional education system they had as they were children that influenced their lives significantly. Since that the main purpose of Montessori education is to establish unique personalities who can develop their communities without fear of doing tasks that seem impossible.


Dr. Maria Montessori believed in the importance of giving children their liberty, in order to kick off in improving their skills. Where without this freedom, the force of serving society in adolescent will not be formed in childhood. Therefore, the independence and uniqueness of Paige and Brin personalities today is owed to their education during their childhood, as they always mention in interviews. Children are encouraged in the Montessori approach to respond and learn in their own pace. It also offers them long periods of working on their own projects without interruption from the teacher.


It is clear now that the well-known Google's policy that encourages engineers to spend 20% of their work time in something that interest them personally has emerged from the educational background of its founders. In addition to the prevailing cooperative work atmosphere which is clear from strict monitoring, that Google founders restored from their inspiring learning environment they experienced in childhood, which focuses on the development of individuals and giving them the power to change society.

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