We think of breast cancer as it affects women. But many children are also affected in a way or another by breast cancer. Maybe their mother or another relative has breast cancer. Or maybe a child’s teacher has breast cancer.

So how do I tell them about it? What does they need to know right now? I think teaching them about the significance of pink might be a start.

Children can be involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a variety of ways. And contribution in Breast Cancer Awareness Month can help in even more ways if someone close to the child has breast cancer. Kids can truly make a change in the fight against breast cancer, and it can also help them if they feel they’re making a difference.

Here are some methods to get kids involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Pomegranate Flavored Ice Cubes1-    Pomegranate Flavored Ice Cubes: Take a couple tablespoons of pomegranate seeds and place them in a small amount of water.    Crush the seeds using the edge of a knife crush the seeds to release the flavorful juices. Pour    the mixture into the ice cube trays, throw a few additional pomegranate seeds in each section, and place in the freezer until frozen.





Pink Sensory Tub2-    Pink Sensory Tub:

       Materials you can use for the pink sensory bin (You don't have to have these, just choose what is

       available and convenient):

-          Cheap Rice(around 12 cups)

-          Red food dye

-          Felt heart stickers(without the backs peeled)

-          Pink pom poms

-          Heart buttons

-          Pink plastic fork

-          Pink plastic spoon

-          Pink tongs

-          Pink pipe cleaners

-          Pink plastic cups

-          Pink cupcake liners

-          Cheap Cupcake mini erasers

-          Fabric flower petals

-          Pink mixed sequins

-          Wow! That’s a lot of pink!

Dye the rice using a little red food coloringTo dye the rice:

Dye the rice using a little red food coloring, by laying it out on two baking sheets and mixing the colour in with a fork. Then left it for one day to dry thoroughly.After the rice dries, I poured it all into a big plastic tub (the sensory bin), you can mix it with a few cups of plain white rice too.Sprinkle all the other items over the rice and let the kids play!

The kids can use tongs, forks, spoons, cups, and cupcake liners to play in the tub. Perfect for small motor skills.

Plus, they can easily create learning activities of their own that you couldn’t have planned for them. Finding matching items, making patterns, counting buttons, creating designs with the pipe cleaners, comparing the sizes of the felt hearts, make cupcakes complete with “frosting” and decorations on top etc.


Flamingo Handprint Craft3-    Flamingo Handprint Craft

Supplies Needed:

-     White paper

-     Pink washable paint

-     Glue

-     Goggly eye

-     Paintbrush

-     Black & orange marker

Use the paintbrush to paint your kid's hand with pink paint and place it on the white paper. Use a paintbrush to paint the flamingo’s head. When the paint has dried, use the glue to stick on a googly eye.  Now use the markers to add the beak and legs.

4-    Breast Cancer Awareness Coloring Pages

Breast Cancer Awareness Coloring Pages

This is the easiest! Search for "Breast Cancer Awareness Coloring Pages" in google image page, coloring these pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to focus, develop creativity, motor skills and color recognition.

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