Daycares, nurseries, play schools, pre schools, kindergartens, and all kind of primary education has started decades ago in Bahrain, the 1st one was part of a social community. Those centres were simple and took the role of childcare and babysitting babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. However, they started to evolve slowly into more qualified centers, and international curriculum-based private preschools started to open, such as British, American, and the more recent Montessori which involves more than teaching ABC or phonics but allowing the child to glow and show his brilliance.

That is when parents started to ask for the "best preschools in Bahrain" instead of a "preschool near me". In addition to the main curriculum, kgs started to enrich the school day with other activities such as ballet dance classes and other elevating lessons.

Top international early learning centers now are usually bilingual (Arabic and English), and welcomes both local and expat kids (e.g. in Al Shorooq we have accepted Europeans, Turkish, Philopenas, Indians…), and even involves basic Islamic values for every-day interaction purposes.

Those primary and pre primary centres were more popular in big cities such as Manama and Muharaq, but now we started to see more in other cities such as Riffa, and Awali. Nowadays, wherever you live you will find a kindergarten nearby!

لمحة عن تاريخ التعليم المبكر بالبحرين a brief in the history of early education in Bahrain

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