The most important sections of the daily routine:

  • Circle time
  • Uninterrupted working time
  • Snack
  • Play

Al Shorooq Preschool Uniforms:

Al Shorooq Preschool students are required to wear the Al Shorooq Preschool uniform everyday unless otherwise specified.


Al Shorooq Preschool is designed to create an uncluttered and beautiful homelike atmosphere.

Classrooms are spacious, sunny and airy, washrooms are located just off the classroom with child-sized toilets and low sinks.Furniture consists of light natural wood shelving, child-sized. We have selected art productions and hanged them around the rooms at the children’s eye level. Later on, we will provide the children with mattes and frames and allow them to select and display individual pieces of their art or work in an attractive manner. We will create attractive areas for displaying individual sculptures or projects.

Enriched outdoor environments include a natural habitat and adjacent gardening and activity space for each classroom, and animal cages. Benches for waiting children, child-sized picnic tables, and safe playgrounds. The floor in the playground area is wet poured. Wet pouring is an anti-slip rubber and is child friendly playground flooring. There will be several rides.

What Students Need to Bring to preschool:

Al Shorooq Preschool provides the needed preschool supplies for our carefully prepared learning environments.

Therefore, unless a teacher makes a specific request, the children do not need to bring supplies to preschool.

Toys, jewelry, candy, and gum should not be brought to preschool. These items are often a distraction and can be a source of conflict when a child does not want to share with others. Please support us in this policy and see that these items are left at home.

Some early childhood classes may have a designated show-and-tell time when the child can bring something special to share with the class at group time and put on display. Teachers will let parents know the specific procedure for this kind of sharing for their child’s classroom.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

The Al Shorooq Preschool community places a great emphasis on the importance of good nutrition as the first step in a life-long wellness education program. The food our children eat must provide them with the energy and nutrition needed for a positive and successful day of learning. We are counting on you to help us teach your child about properly fueling his/her body with healthy food choices.

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