Parents are kindly advised to:

  1. check the child's bag periodically and clean it from old food.
  2. make sure that girls wear shorts under the dress.
  3. commit to the uniformsdaily from "House of Uniform".
  4. Return folders and teacher communications promptly.
  5. give the child the opportunity to resolve the homework himself.
  6. pay attention to the child during drop off and pick up and make sure that you accompany him/her to and from the premise.
  7. frequently communicate with the teacher. A telephone message can be left with the administrators, or you can arrange for a meeting after calling to avoid cutting classes.
  8. keep the child clean.
  9. put a nametag on the child's possessions.
  10. keep the sick child at home to prevent the spread of infection.
  11. provide children with spare clothing (and underwear) for use when necessary.
  12. commit to sending healthy daily and avoid soft drinks, candies, cheese puffs, etc.
  13. please leave toys at home and don't fight with children over leaving them in the car at the preschool door. Children are grumpy when this happens.
  14. please try to bring happy, relaxed children to preschool by allowing adequate time and a very slow pace in preparing for preschool. (around 10 hours daily)
  15. talk about ground rules with children in a "positive" manner, and practice talking quietly at home.
  16. parent conferences are scheduled once a year. A parent or teacher may schedule an optional second conference.
  17. please avoid tangible rewards for accomplishments children naturally receive pleasure from.
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