The Preschool Day

Al Shorooq Preschool opens its door from 7:30am till 12:30pm, please inform us if extra hours are needed.

Morning Drop Off Procedures

Children can arrive at preschool between 7:20-7:40 am. Pay attention to the child during drop off and make sure that you accompany him/her to the premise.

Late Arrival Policy

All students should arrive at preschool well before 7:40 am. This allows children ample time to say their good-byes, greet friends, put things away, and get settled in before their daily class activities begin.

Children arriving after 7:40 am are considered late.

When children arrive late it is a difficult adjustment for them, as well as being a disruption to the class. Please make every effort to arrive on time.

The following procedures must be followed if your child arrives at preschool after 8:00 am:

• All students must be signed in by a parent. You must park your vehicle in a designated

parking space and walk your child to the reception area where a staff member will take your child to his or her classroom.

• Parents will be contacted after 3 late arrivals per quarter in order to discuss ways to support their child’s timely arrival.

•In the event of an unavoidable delay, please call the Principal of Al Shorooq Preschool (17622500) to inform us that your child will be late. If your child is late three times, you will receive a call from the Principal, so that she can assist you in developing an appropriate plan.

Attendance Policy

Even though The Al Shorooq Preschool is less formal and more flexible than many preschools, consistent attendance and prompt arrival are still essential.

Although our program is individualized, it depends upon consistency and continuous progress. Every time a child misses preschool for whatever reason there is a period of readjustment as she tries to get back into the routine of her work. The longer the absence, or when a child consistently misses a day or two of preschool here and a day or two there, the more detrimental it becomes to her educational development.

Please call The Principal (17622500) before 8:00 am if your child is absent for any reason.

This will save unnecessary calls by the preschool staff. On the day following your child’s absence please send a note to your child’s teacher stating the reason for the absence.

Parents who wish to have students released from preschool prior to the end of the academic day must provide a note to the classroom teacher. For emergencies, please notify the Principal (17622500).

Release of Students

Please pay attention to the child during pick up and make sure that you accompany him/her the premise.

Children will only be released to parents and to those others who have been listed on the Student Release form in the student’s file (see special circumstances below). The staff will ask for photo identification when they don’t recognize the person picking up the child. Even parents may be asked for identification if they are new to the staff members on duty.

Please have your photo I.D. available just in case, and instruct those picking up your child to do so as well.

In special circumstances, parents may send in a note giving permission for the preschool to dismiss their child to another parent or to other individuals not on the student release form. Please be sure the note gives the date of the special dismissal request and is signed.

All our staff leave by 12:45, so we expect you to pick up your child before this. If you have a situation and will come late, please inform us a day before.

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